One of the biggest mistakes some people make is assuming that they can repair their air conditioner. While there are plenty of DIY repair videos online, trying to do any repairs on your own is always a bad idea. This article will explain the reasons why and also discuss the signs that can help you know when you need professional AC repair services.


Trying to perform almost any type of work or repairs on your AC system can be inherently dangerous. Some repairs require the power to be shut off at the circuit breaker due to the risk of electrocution. That said, you could still get a serious shock — even with the power off — if you were to accidentally touch the capacitor in your AC condenser since it always holds a powerful electrical charge.

Improper repairs can also create a major fire hazard. For instance, if you were to damage a wire or electrical connection while trying to repair your system, it could lead to it short-circuiting and its wiring suddenly catching fire. This can also happen if the system isn’t repaired properly and starts experiencing issues with overheating.

Risk of Damage

One of the main reasons why DIY repairs are never recommended is that there is a high chance you could damage your AC system and make things worse instead of better. Central air conditioning systems are much more complex than many people realize, and it takes years of training and experience for technicians to learn how to properly diagnose and repair AC issues. Without this knowledge, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be able to diagnose what specific issues your AC system has, let alone know how to correctly repair it.

Attempting to repair your air conditioning yourself could easily end up causing one of its motors to burn out or even completely ruin the system. This means you’ll often end up having to pay far more for additional repairs or to replace the system compared to what it would’ve cost you to have a certified technician fix the original issue. If an AC isn’t repaired properly, it will also experience greater wear and tear that will likely shorten its lifespan quite a bit.

Warranty Concerns

Virtually all new AC systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers all of the components against any defects. If any part of the system fails as a result of a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer will pay for the necessary replacement parts. This means that you’ll need to only pay for the associated labor costs of having a technician replace the part.

HVAC warranties always stipulate that all repairs and preventative maintenance services must be done only by a certified technician. Attempting to do even any basic repairs yourself will automatically void your AC system’s warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong that would’ve been covered under the warranty, you would be forced to pay all the costs out of pocket instead. If the compressor motor is defective, this is the worst case, since having to pay to replace it yourself will usually end up costing you about the same as installing a new AC.

Energy Efficiency and Cooling Costs

Most issues that can arise with an air conditioning system will lead to its energy efficiency decreasing. This is one reason why you should always have your system repaired promptly any time it isn’t working properly or you notice any issues. Another problem with attempting DIY repairs is that you likely won’t fix the issue properly to allow your AC to work as efficiently as it should. You could easily make things worse and lead to your system’s efficiency decreasing ever further. Then, you would pay even more to keep your home cool.

How To Know When You Need an AC Repair Service

Hiring a technician to repair your AC system will ensure that the issue gets fixed properly and promptly so that the system can keep effectively cooling your home. The majority of AC issues are something that a technician will be able to diagnose and repair the same day. The problem is that if you wait to get your system repaired, the issue will often get much worse and require more complicated, more expensive repairs. Waiting could also lead to the system suddenly failing and forcing you to pay extra for emergency repairs. You’ll also likely see a fairly significant spike in your electricity bill if you don’t get your AC repaired immediately, and it could also lead to the unit’s lifespan being greatly reduced. All these reasons are why it’s important to watch out for the following signs and contact an AC repair service if any of them arise.

Electricity Bill Suddenly Spikes

An unexpected spike in your electricity bill from one month to the next almost always indicates that your AC has some issue that is preventing it from working as efficiently as it should. Air conditioning typically accounts for somewhere between 12% and 30% of a home’s monthly electricity consumption. If you have an older, less efficient system, it could even be responsible for nearly half of your electricity bills in the summer.

Long Run Times

Another sign that your AC isn’t working properly is if it starts taking much longer to cool your home each time it runs. When you leave your AC on and set to the same temperature, each cooling cycle should typically only last for 15 to 20 minutes. It could take up to an hour for the system to cool your home if you turn the temperature up while at work and then back down when you get home. Otherwise, the cooling cycles should be fairly short and consistently last about the same amount of time. If your AC has suddenly started running for much longer than normal, you need to have it inspected and likely repaired.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when an HVAC system shuts off in under 10 minutes or before it has run long enough to fully cool the home to the desired temperature. This can happen due to a variety of issues, such as overheating, and it’s a sign that it needs an immediate inspection. The reason is that short cycling puts a huge amount of additional strain on an AC system and can greatly shorten its lifespan. It also often leads to the system using much more energy, since ACs consume around three times as much energy right when they turn on compared to when they’re running.

Unusual Noises

Any unusual noises, like squealing, screeching, humming, hissing or rattling, coming from either the indoor or outdoor part of an AC system are also sure signs that it needs to be repaired. Some of these issues are more serious than others and can put the system at risk of burning out if not taken care of immediately.

AC Freezes Up

The evaporator coil inside your home can start freezing up for a few different reasons. Sometimes it merely indicates that the air filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. It can also happen because the coil is dirty, or the system doesn’t have proper airflow for some reason. If your AC freezes up, you will soon notice that it starts putting out hot air. In this situation, you need to shut the system off and wait for it to thaw or else you run the risk of the compressor motor seizing up and burning out.

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