Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY AC Repair
May 1

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY AC Repair

One of the biggest mistakes some people make is assuming that they can repair their air conditioner. While there are plenty of DIY repair videos… View Article Read More

April 15

How Long Does an AC Typically Last in California?

Every appliance in your home, including your air conditioner, has an expiration date. Older models of air conditioners may last between 10 and 12 years,… View Article Read More

Savings in Victorville, CA
August 30

Evaporative Coolers: What You Need to Know

Evaporative coolers use evaporation to cool the air. These coolers work by drawing warm air through water-saturated pads. As the air moves over these pads,… View Article Read More

Cooling Installation in Victorville, CA
August 10

Swamp Coolers vs. Central AC Systems

Swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, and central air conditioning (AC) systems share a common purpose. They both cool spaces but operate on different… View Article Read More

AC Maintenance in Victorville, CA
May 30

10 Ways to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

Warm weather is on its way, and if you want to stay cool this summer, you’re going to need to run your air conditioner. Unfortunately,… View Article Read More

AC Maintenance in Victorville, CA
May 1

7 Easy Ways to Extend Your Air Conditioner’s Lifespan

Most air conditioners are expected to last between 15 and 20 years. Whether you’ve just had new cooling equipment installed in your Victorville, CA home… View Article Read More

Swamp Cooler in Victorville, CA
April 11

What’s a Swamp Cooler?

If you’re trying to find an efficient way to cool your home, you can entertain several options. Portable air conditioners, window-mounted ACs, ductless mini-splits, central… View Article Read More

AC Maintenance in Victorville, CA
March 15

Why Is My Air Conditioning Giving Me a Sore Throat?

If you’ve noticed a lingering sore throat every time you’re in a certain building, you might be wondering if the building’s AC is the culprit…. View Article Read More